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Live Love Velo is fortunate to have the guidance of the area’s most talented coaches.  Our coaches support our athletes’ individual goals and support the mission and goals of our organization.  Coaching is not included with Live Love Velo membership, however, our coaches are great friends of Live Love Velo and will help you meet your goals, whether big or small.  Contact information for our coaches is available in the files section in our private facebook group and in the files on teamsnap.

Michael Cole,  Coletrain Coachingscreen-shot-2017-01-03-at-12-19-07-pm

Coletrain Coaching is a Long Island based coaching service that focuses on direct, one-on-one development of beginner to intermediate cyclists who are aiming to achieve specific goals. Goals might include completing a century ride or a fondo, becoming more confident on a group ride, or even giving racing a try.

While Coletrain Coaching can support training with a power meter, this is by no means a requirement. Clients can train with a heart rate monitor or even with no monitoring at all. We do, however, encourage clients to use either a power meter or a heart rate monitor during their training. Coletrain Coaching will use TrainingPeaks analysis software to monitor our clients.

  Coach Micheal Cole has been cycling Eastern Long Island for more than 30 years participating in everything from causal group rides, centuries, Grand Fondos, to local and regional racing. He is a licensed USA Cycling Coach.


Jennifer Gatz, M.S., M.A.T. Exercise PhysiologistJenny G. Profile pic

Jenny has over 15 years of experience coaching multisport athletes from the novice to professional level including Long Island’s Women’s cycling race team: Live Love Velo. She received her B.Sc. in Cardiac Rehab/Exercise Science from Ithaca College in 1993. A masters in Exercise Physiology in 1999 from Adelphi University and a masters in Biology with a teaching certificate from Stony Brook University in 2004.  Jenny is a PhD candidate at Stony Brook University studying the effects of aerobic exercise on neurocognition. An accomplished athlete, Jen is a competitive rower, has qualified for and competed in the Boston marathon twice, is a nationally ranked triathlete with 3 Ironman finishes and loves mountain bike, trail run racing and cyclocross.


Raquel Miller, B.S., Exercise Physiologist, USA Cycling Coach – Level 3, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Category 1 Road Cyclistphoto-aug-05-10-32-38-pm

Raquel’s journey in endurance sports began as a distance runner in Indiana. She was a standout high school runner, earning her an athletic scholarship to run at a small D1 school in downtown Indianapolis. Not only was Raquel an exceptional athlete, but she was a natural leader; often selected by coaches and teammates to be the team captain. Because of her leadership position, she was inspired to find ways to empower her teammates and promote the sports she loved, putting a much-needed spotlight on female endurance sports. Raquel’s admiration and deep respect for female athleticism and her desire to guide and support females in their athletic endeavors, helped her discover her niche in life; coaching and personal training. While she takes pleasure in seeing her clients reach and exceed their physical goals, what she enjoys the most is watching their confidence grow, on and off the bike. Raquel believes in developing the “whole” athlete, which not only positively impacts their own life, but also the lives of those around them.

Raquel’s coaching philosophy stems from the words of her past yoga instructor: “Don’t compare to despair”. Raquel helps athletes focus on their own abilities and designs a program that is challenging, but realistic, for them. She does not see training as a “one size fits all”, instead she believes that the best training program is the one that is tailored to the specific needs of the athlete, regardless of what competitors are doing. Raquel will work hard to make sure that her clients are on track to experience success.

Although she no longer races on the road, Raquel is very passionate about coaching others, particularly women, for their bike racing goals. With her exercise science degree and personal training and bike racing experiences, she has all of the tools necessary to be an effective coach. She looks forward to helping more women find individual success in the sport of cycling!

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