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Live Love Velo membership is open for 2016. Join us!

There’s so much to love about Long Island’s only Women’s Cycling Organization.  Our goal is to provide you with the support to ride your bike and love it, and take it to the next level, if you so desire.  In response to the feedback we get from our members and women in the community, we’ve made it easier than ever to join and participate in Live Love Velo.  We’d love to meet you and welcome you to Live Love Velo.

in the woods

  • Join an inclusive network of women cyclists who support one another in fitness, health and fun.
    • Make new friends!  Enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded women.
    • Benefit from the experience of women who are accomplished cyclists.
    • Increase your cycling knowledge and skills, fitness and health.
  • Members of Live Love Velo are welcome to attend all Live Love Velo rides.
    • Rides are led by experienced riders.
    • All Live Love Velo group rides are designated as a “no-drop”.  All members can participate with confidence and with success.  We are here for you!
    • Once monthly road ride is on the first Saturday of the month, April through November.
    • Once monthly mountain bike ride is on the third Sunday of the month, March through October.
    • Additional rides are planned and organized by members on an informal basis, via our message board.  Whether road rides, mountain bike rides or practicing cross skills, members regularly post their rides and invite other members to join them.
  • Members of Live Love Velo are welcome to attend all Live Love Velo clinics and social events.
    • Previous clinics/events have included: How to Change a Flat, Basic Bike Maintenance, The ABC’s of Training, Sports Nutrition, Intro to Mountain Biking, Intro to Cyclocross, Intro to Road Racing, Yoga for Cyclists, and indoor trainer sessions during cold weather months.  We host a few clinics a year.  We also host a holiday party, a Mother’s day ride and picnic and/or other social gatherings.
  • Live Love Velo gives back.  Be a part of serving the Long Island community!
    • Each year we designate a cause or project as a service to our larger community.  In 2016, Live Love Velo will be trail stewards at the Eastport mountain biking trail, providing trail maintenance during throughout the year.
  • Enjoy easy communication with your fellow LLVers!  Starting this month, Live Love Velo is using TeamSnap, to organize, message and plan our rides and events.   Plus, we have a members-only Facebook group for casual chat among members, too.

How to Join:

  • If you are new to Live Love Velo, email us at or visit us on our TeamSnap page, where you can click on the button to message us.  Let us know you want to join.
  • We will add you to our roster and TeamSnap at which point you will be able to pay the yearly dues.  Dues are $40 for anyone who has ever been a member of Live Love Velo in the past.  If you are brand new, it’s an additional $80 for a Live Love Velo jersey.
  • We’ll ask you to sign a waiver and… poof!  That’s all.  Welcome to Live Love Velo!

Learn more about who we are and additional details about membership on our website.  And please, share this post so that we may all ride together in peace and harmony!  See ya out there!

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