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Hills and Thrills

Live Love Velo was excited to Head for the Hills—the Manorville Hills, that is.  First off, a huge shout-out goes to Paniagua Cycling, for hosting the first ever mountain bike race at Manorville Hills, a favorite trail among LLV racers. The 10 mile loop of constant rollers proved to be even more fun than usual, given the amped up race energy out there on the course.  Thanks to the LLVers who provided support for the race: Jane who was trail patrol, Debbie, Coach Jenny Gatz, Missy and Diana.  Live Love Velo snagged a plethora of age-group wins: Kimarie in cat 2, Merci in cat 3, and Kelly, also in cat 3.  Kyra placed 2nd in her age group. Unfortunately, our dear Kim E., in cat 1, would have been listed among the top women overall if she hadn’t kissed a tree with her collar bone. We wish you a speedy recovery Kim, really speedy– just like you ride that bike.

Manorville Kelly Kyra

Kelly and Kyra, 1st and 2nd in their age group

Manorville Kimarie wins

Kimarie wins her age group!

Manorville Kim Ely

Kim, taking off, all smiles.

Manorville Kimarie Jane

Kimarie and Jane

Manorville Robin podium

Robin podiums

Manorville Robin

Robin strong and smiling

While our MTB team enjoyed a local race, Karen was upstate, carrying the torch for the road team, and single handedly representing Live Love Velo at the Hunter Greene Summer Classic in the cat 3/4 race on Saturday. She followed that by riding the recon ride for Tour of the Catskills on Sunday.  Karen’s race reports are so much fun to read.  Her energy and enthusiasm just can’t be contained or summarized, so we’re just going to share excerpts from her posts to the team:

So… just a drop dead gorgeous day up here in Windham… HOT… sunny…. rode my pre race warm up intervals….. felt strong and READY… really, just a ridiculous mixed up field to race in… only 10 women registered… so they raced us with the men’s Cat 5…. not sure how that was going to pan out… all those 20 and 30 year old guys mixed in…. they really ramped up the pace of the race.. ;/

We take off… hit that first climb at mile 3 which is always the make or break of the race… I couldn’t quite hold onto the front group.. only about 30 feet ahead of me at the crest of the climb… couldn’t quite manage to close that gap on the descent… so tantalizingly close the whole race!! ARGHHH!!!.. I worked a rotating pace line with Paige (a pretty little 18 year old girl who graduated high school yesterday)…. we worked with a couple other guys most of the race… dropped a few of them.. picked up a couple others… about 4 of us working together the whole race…. we dropped QUITE A FEW other guys along the way… I ended up 7th place… only 5 minutes off the winner’s time  …all in all a great day… raced HARD… lots of pace line practice… made new friends… just thrilled…. ;))

Tour of the Catskills Stage 3 Road Race recon [Sunday]….

So… clipped in on pretty trashed legs after racing yesterday… 78 miles.. 6500 ft of elevation… 4 hr 33 min.. grabbed a PR on Devil’s Kitchen climb… I freakin OWN that climb!! (3 miles.. average grade 13%… 3 different sections at 24%… just RIDICULOUS!!)  Held onto the lead group the whole way… why, when it’s only “a ride” and not “a race” is there a lead group and a chase group?!?!?!?! Just hurt from head to toe (LOVE that feeling!!) … heading home tomorrow… a few days of a taper… then off to the Giro del Cielo stage race next weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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