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Why Support Community Based Women’s Cycling?

Living in Suffolk, the County on Long Island that Bicycling Magazine dubbed the “Worst City for Cyclists“, our shouts to the rooftops about the massive benefits of cycling often fall on deaf ears.    Relative to other communities around the country, being a cyclist here takes a little more chutzpah and conviction.  But we have some things on our side:  The eastern half of the county is home to the Hamptons and has glorious stretches of riding with minimal development and beautiful scenery. We’ve got a handful of very well run cycling organizations and a culture among cyclists that if you’re one of us, you’re family.  The government here in Suffolk is making small, incremental changes in the direction of being more cycling friendly, having hosted it’s first Bike Summit this fall.

We may never be Boulder or Berkley, but Suffolk can make significant changes towards greener and healthier living.   How might we accelerate our transformation into a community that supports happiness, health and sustainable living for all?  As an organization that encourages and supports women in cycling, we believe that the bicycle holds a special power.  Beyond what it does for each of us on an individual basis, bicycling is key to a prosperous future for all of our communities.

As a group of women cyclists, we  make a positive contribution to our communities in many ways:

  • Women thrive in groups.  By simply by being a member of a club or organization, particularly one that is supportive and non-judgemental, women experience benefits to their mental health and physical well-being.  Belonging to a group which is dedicated to a physical endeavor such as cycling boosts the health benefits of group membership all the more.
  • We offer women knowledge, skills and support that make them stronger and more confident and ultimately, happier and more productive.  As women’s lives are enhanced, so are the lives of those around them, from their children and spouses, to friends, neighbors and the larger community.
  • As an inclusive organization, we bring women from diverse backgrounds together, which strengthens our community.  We share our love of cycling with other women and girls, expanding the radius of benefit beyond our members.
  • Women who belong to our organization are positive role models.  We demonstrate to others what can be accomplished with commitment and teamwork.  We show others that it’s healthy to take time to care for yourself and enjoy life.
  • We cycle for fun, for health and for the environment.  When we’re not training for competition or riding for fun, we often use our bikes to commute or simply get around.  We support cycling as a viable and sustainable means of transportation.
  • As devoted cyclists, we are motivated to advocate for development that will support pedestrians and cyclists in our community.
  • We see cycling as a key to the wealth, health and sustainability of our society.  By making cycling more accessible to women, we are part of a movement which will bring about improved quality of life, far and wide.

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