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Amy and Tori in first and second at Hunter-Greene Spring Classic

Amy has been racing well with a recent win at Woodstock so our team goal was to get her to the final climb with the leaders. We started the race with 23-ish women seven of them LLV. A break of six went at 10 miles on a steep climb including Amy and Tori. The break succeeded in sticking for the rest of the race. Most of the race was spent pacelining until about 10 miles to go when a crashed in a wet turn took out the two women most likely to compete with Amy for the win. That left 4 of us to make it to the finish line. Amy broke away on a steep long climb with about 3 miles to go leaving Tori to try and block the other riders to give Amy a chance to get away. Amy extended her time gap and rode solo to the finishing climb for a spectacular win! The chase group, including Tori, lost one girl from the group in a wrong turn where the court marshall had trouble telling that we were women whole only do one lap and tried to send us on another 40 mile loop. This left Tori and one other racer to duke it out on the final climb where Tori was able to pull away and secure another podium finish for LLV. Our team had a strong showing with Ellen and Jenn placing 7th and 8th, and Karen in 10th.

Having two LLV members make it into the break and work together until the end offered a unique race experience. It was very gratifying to have a teammate to work with not only to help manage the break but also to have encouragement from another in a field of competitors. Teammates help push you on and look out for you adding a special element to the race. It is an awesome feeling to be a part of such a strong team and contribute to the strong performance of LLV. 

amy tori 1-2 Hunter Greene Spring
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