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Karen kicks it off!

Last night was Live Love Velo’s season kick off party.  We all got together at Kim’s house to pick up our kits, share some delicious food and chat about the upcoming season.  It was great to feel the energy and hear what everyone was looking forward to!  It was only the second time I had met Karen, a new LLV club member.  I was totally psyched to hear that she wants to race.  But– not only does Karen want to race– she is focused, determined and ready to go!  As in…she registered for today’s CRCA women’s development race and Grant’s Tomb criterium and hadn’t even told us!  So, I gave her some helpful information about parking a registration and encouraged her to go home and get to bed!  And then I sent her a tiny little email…”How’d it go?”.  And this is the awesomeness that I got in response:

Hi Jenn!!!! 

Just home… cleaning up… it was AMAZING!! I am so totally HOOKED on racing now!!! Talking to you last night really helped settle me down…. thank you soooo much for that!!! I wore my LLV jacket today…. so many of the girls knew the team…. they were all so helpful and such amazing women!!! I am crying with happiness!!!
As far as the actual riding went… Central Park was great!!!… I really have no clue as to the strategies involved… and of course, I was there solo…. I found myself alone way in front quite a few times…. found myself alone at the back chasing quite a few times…. found myself in the middle wondering why everyone was going so slowly quite a few times…. all in all, it was fabulous!!!! worked hard,,,, never really red lined…. learned lots!!!
Grant’s Tomb was quite a bit rougher… the girls were faster than me…. not a ton faster, but faster enough I got dropped from the main group pretty quick… I got lapped…. I got a rear flat about 1/2 way thru… raced on it as best I could… I refused to get a DNF on my first crit!!!…. despite all that, I still wasn’t last across the line!!  I learned so much!!! had so much fun!!!! I am definitely HOOKED on racing now!!!!
Of course, I got my first time of driving in the city…. riding my bike in the city….. LOTS of FIRSTS today…. just completely whacked on endorphins right now!!! (LOVE that part of the training!!)…
SO happlily overwhelmed right now!!! Thank you so much for your support…. it is invaluable to me!!! I am so excited to be part of LiveLoveVelo!!!! it will be an amazing…. joyous…. life changing year….  we are all going to have so much fun this year together!!!!! 
I will see you, and talk to you, soon…. my next race is Battenkill April 5th…… are you going???? are any of the girls going???


Karen Schwartz

THANK YOU, Karen, for kicking off our season in style!  Nothing is more rewarding than knowing that LLV helped motivate you to try racing!  We are delighted that you’re a part of LLV and we also look forward to sharing many more wonderful adventures with you, all season long!  Way to go! xo


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