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Live Love Velo believes Everyone is a CYCLEkid

On Friday, November 30th, I headed into the city to attend the CYCLEkids fundraiser at Tribeca Grill.  I was joined by my loving husband, who agreed that this was a suitable way for us to begin our 16th anniversary celebration.  My man really gets me, and supports my passion for all-things-bike.  But he, too, gets fired up by a good cause, and CYCLEkids resonated with us both.

CYCLEkids is an organization that promotes healthy lifestyle choices by introducing kids to the joy of bicycling and educating them about bike safety and nutrition.   They provide the curriculum, bikes and equipment to a school district or community center, which in turn, provides the space, time and teachers for the program.  CYCLEkids empowers kids to develop positive, safe and lifelong habits.  Healthy kids, stronger communities…a better world.

With four kids of our own, we see first hand how kids benefit when they’re encouraged to be active and make healthy choices.  They see that cycling and running make their parents feel confident and strong and they emulate our habits. Our 2 eldest sons (12 and 14 years old)  are involved in cross country and are becoming serious runners.  We see that they are proud of themselves and their accomplishments.  As much as teenage boys love their junk food, we also see that they make many healthy food choices to support their athletic performance.  It also encourages them to get the sleep they need, whether because running just tires them out or because they know it’s necessary in order for them to do well at their next practice or meet.    They’re even learning to manage their time– another lesson that will serve them well in their academic lives and thereafter.

With childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes on the rise, more and more kids addicted to screens and while carbon emissions glob up the air, getting more kids on bikes solves multiple societal woes.  We can change the culture and our society in ways that improve our health and the environment simply by getting kids to ride bikes and feel safe, confident and happy while they do, so that it becomes part of their lifestyle.

The CYCLEkids’ mission fits perfectly with LiveLoveVelo’s commitment to making  positive change in our community.   We are  excited to partner with CYCLEkids and raise the funds needed to bring the program to a school on Long Island.

Check out the CYCLEkids website  and this video of some happy CYCLEkids.

One more note:  A highlight of our evening with CYCLEkids was meeting Evelyn Stevens, Olympic cyclist and world champion who rides for Team Specialized-Lululemon and is a spokesperson for CYCLEkids.   Evelyn was warm and gracious and when she invited me to join her and some friends on a ride the next morning, well, I simply couldn’t refuse!  Hubby and I shortened our date (we still managed some delish appetizers and drinks at a nearby Indian restuarant) and headed home a bit earlier than planned so that I could get ready to ride with Evelyn and friends.

I headed back into the city in the morning, joined by my dear friend Ellen, and we met Evelyn’s group on the Upper West Side and headed across the GW bridge.  It was great fun to ride with Evelyn, chat a bit and watch her climb some hills (so effortlessly and talking all the while).  We even went for a few town-line sprints and nearly had her at the line!  (Oh, let a girl dream for a sec, k? 😉 ) In any case, Evelyn showed us that she is a world-class act, on and off the bike.  We wish her and Team Specialized-Lululemon a wonderful time training in Portugal and a successful 2013 season.

Check out the CYCLEkids website  and this video of some happy CYCLEkids.

CyclekidsblackJenn and Evie StevensEvie Stevens ride

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